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Ready to find the fittest, happiest most FEEL GOOD version of you?!!!


MPWR Online is a revolutionary online platform and community that brings feel good fitness & wellbeing straight to your living room whenever you need it!


Are you ready to transform your life once and for all?


Let’s be clear: this is NOT another fitness plan that promises you that elusive ‘dream bod’ in exchange for all of life’s pleasures...

So what is it?!

The MPWR mantra?

We believe EVERY BODY deserves to feel good RIGHT NOW.

We know the story: every day you look in the mirror - scrutinising yourself - pulling at your clothes; picking out your flaws, frowning at your face, your stomach, your bum, your legs. 'If only I was was slimmer, prettier, taller, younger'...


Maybe you've spent your time trying trying and 'failing' at each and every 'miracle' diet and fitness fad - or maybe you just can't quite find the motivation to start.

Well, we'll let you in on a secret - YOU were never the problem. The diets, the fads, the 'ideals' of the 'perfect body' that you've been beaten down with - they're the problem!

You. Right now. In this body. Have the power to be happy, to be healthy.

To be free!

All YOU need to do is believe that, to unlock the potential, the confidence, the GLOW that's been hiding in the shadows all these years. Shadows that were created by a culture OBSESSED with an image of perfection that doesn't exist.

And now is the time, to emerge from the shadows, embrace all you are and let that empower you.

MPWR is here to help you do just that!

BUT HOW?!!! I hear you. For so long you’ve believed that achieving that level of satisfaction requires sacrifice!


No bread. No desserts. Hours on a treadmill.


So when I’m here telling you you can have it ALL, you don’t believe me do you?


But I promise you, you can!


By slowly changing your mindset and your habits; by letting go of those limiting beliefs and unlocking the power you already have (it’s in there believe me!); by building a lifestyle you genuinely love, that cares for your body with compassion and supports the BEST version of you!


It sounds overwhelming AF I know.


Maybe it sounds like miles away from where you are now. But behind these virtual doors, there’s a whole team of gal pals that are doing just that!


And they are 100% ready to cheer you on and help you do it to!




MPWR has quite honestly helped me look at not only exercise but my body in a whole new light! I feel stronger, tighter, more mobile, more energised and so much more confident. This time it feels sustainable too, I’m motivated to continue because I want to and it makes me feel great - there’s no sacrifice involved! Thank you, forever grateful xxx



Member & 1-1 Client

Marissa coached me through lockdown and my first pregnancy - quite a combo! She tailor made PT sessions for my particular needs, and helped me to build my strength and fitness ready for labour!

She was always so supportive with a no-judgement approach, and she made the sessions really fun so I looked forward to every one of them. I particularly rate her because of her fresh outlook on fitness and body image. I literally learnt loads from this woman and would highly recommend her workouts to absolutely everyone.

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I love being a member of MPWR because of how easy and flexible it is! I can literally be sitting on the sofa in my pjs and then think 'I fancy doing a workout' and have so many options to pick from. I was able to speak to Marissa personally about my goals - both relating to my fitness and my anxiety (which this is definitely helping with), and whenever I need any help Marissa is always there to give suggestions. MPWR has taught me to be proud of whatever I have achieved and I really am!!



Member & 1-1 Client

I've done exercise on and off for years but never stuck to it, but since starting sessions 6 months ago with Marissa I've been consistent! I feel so much stronger and have actually started taking photos of myself as I'm feeling more positive about my body. I now know that this is a journey not a race and I'm excited to see where it takes me!

OK... Let's flash forward real quick and see what your new life, as part of the MPWR Gang will look like...

Your health, fitness & happiness TURBO BOOSTED, having built a lifelong understanding of HOW to move your body to make it feel GREAT!

Your relationship with your body and self growing stronger by the day, by learning to love all you are RIGHT NOW and ALWAYS.

Full food freedom! You've ditched the diets and learned to nourish your body with what it truly WANTS and NEEDS!

And most of all: Your potential to be your very best self has been UNLEASHED - the way it always should have been!!

You feel constantly supported by a community of wonderful people on the exact same journey as you.

waaaah... I'm still not sure if it's for me!


Well, let me ask you something:

Are you tired of feeling a bit rubbish about your body?⁣

Are you determined to be happy and healthy but you *think* you don't have the 'willpower'?

⁣Because you've tried dieting and exercising in the past and it's not very fun or sustainable.⁣

⁣Do you need some help to get 'on track' because you're clueless in the gym and utterly overwhelmed and intimidated by all the home workouts being thrown at you?

⁣Or maybe you're into them but you're STILL unhappy with your body. ⁣

⁣It's never enough. You're sacrificing your freedom - 'watching' what you eat and forcing yourself to do exercise you don't really enjoy or understand, but ALAS you're STILL not loving yourself like the fitspos seem to!

Then my love, MPWR is for YOU!

Because we only have your HAPPINESS at heart.

And we can help you reclaim it. Along with the freedom that comes with FINALLY understanding what you and your body need!








[£15 per month - price locked in for life!]

I'm Marissa, the founder, creator and one woman army behind mpwrldn!

This whole idea has been a LONG time coming...

After training as a professional dancer & actress, I shimmied my way into the fitness world 3 years ago, initially as a side hustle to pay the bills.


Obviously, as a dancer, I've always been passionate about moving my body, but the fitness world overwhelmed me with its rules and stigmas around how to move, when to move, why to move and WHO can move. The elitist, extreme approach that seemed to be intimidating far more people than it inspired quickly became a sticking point for me that I desperately wanted to combat!

Hence the idea of MPWR was born! An inclusive, accessible, FUN & FRIENDLY approach to fitness and wellbeing with the sole aim to make as many people feel good as possible!

I'm so glad you're here and I can't wait to welcome you into the gang!

Loads of love x

Hey lovely people!