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Your one stop home workout happy place!


On demand, real time fitness that empowers you to love yourself NOW, not as an ‘after’ photo!

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  • Are fuelled with self love & compassion

  • Encourage you to listen to your body & do what’s right for you each day

  • Always include options to help you adapt accordingly to what your body needs

  • Are fun, creative, high energy and always to the beat of your favourite tunes

  • Are anti diet & HAES aligned - never referring to weight loss or aesthetic goals (all cellulite is CELL-EBRATED!)

  • Help you build physical strength, stamina & mobility AS WELL AS mindfulness, positivity, & self acceptance

Sound like the feel good fitness platform you’ve been searching for?!!!

become a member for £15 per month!

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Workouts are on demand, available round the clock & range in duration from 5-45 mins, so with our handy filter, you can always find something to give you that boost whenever you need it!


Equipment wise, you need nothing but your beautiful bod to get started - there are options to intensify with minimal equipment if you’re feeling a challenge!

fitness that fits straight into your life!!

We switch the ‘discipline’ and ‘will power’ to help you start with self love, compassion & intuition as we KNOW they are the real key ingredients that are going to help you build solid & sustainable habits that ACTUALLY support your wellbeing. 

we always lead with love!

why we're not your average workout membership...

At the Self Love Fitness Club, we believe movement should always be a CELEBRATION of what your body can do & never a tool to beat it into the oppressive standard of beauty that may have held you in the past.

ALL bodies are welcomed here, and never as a ‘before’ picture!

never a before or after

Curated themed playlists (90s cheese, girl band bangers, disco floor fillers… you get the idea) & creative movement combos are paired to work your body effectively, without it EVER feeling like a chore or a bore! Your trainer is there in real time, bopping along with you and giving you endless positive encouragement (there’s nothing really ‘tough’ about our love!)

our workouts are actually fun!

We believe people who feel good ABOUT themselves do good things FOR themselves!

So we’re here to hype you up & help you become best friends with your bod, so looking after it becomes a no brainer!

become a member for £15 per month!

your 'library card' gives you access to...

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Fitness Ladies

'is the Self Love Fitness Library for me..?!'

YES fo' sho', if...

  • You’re looking to integrate exercise into your days in a way that is joyful, sustainable and doesn’t require you to trade in your life & personality!

  • You’re a little (or more than a little!) tired of mainstream fitness & diet culture, and the way it constantly makes you feel like you need to be chasing a certain weight, shape or physique to be ‘healthy’ and happy

  • You’ve battled with your relationship to exercise in the past - either going to obsessive extremes or struggling to maintain a routine at all, and are ready to feel in control and at peace with having fitness as a part of your life

  • You’ve battled with your relationship to your body in the past, and are ready to reframe your thoughts around it to focus on feeling confident, strong and full of energy - WITHOUT fixating on it’s external appearance

  • You want to upgrade your wellbeing & self care habits, become more in tune with your body's cues and worry less about keeping up with someone else’s definition of health

  • You know you’re worthy of feeling happier, healthier, free-er & more empowered RIGHT THIS SECOND!

  • You’re a complete beginner OR a competent exerciser! Options are given throughout all our workouts to help you adapt the routine appropriately for your body - you will NEVER be shamed for modifying (in fact, it will be encouraged!)

If you have an injury, condition or disability that affects your mobility/ability to exercise & you’re unsure if the library is suitable, please drop us an email HERE and we can set up a free discovery call to help you assess if the workouts could work for you and if so, how exactly to adapt them.

MAYBS NOT, if...

  • You are dead set on a particular ‘body goal’ - we are here to assist you in creating healthy habits which MAY well result in aesthetic changes/weight loss (if that’s what your body needs) but this will never be our focus! We want to help you see that you’re so much more than a body and your worth & wellbeing is completely independent of your appearance!

  • You’re looking for a gym programme - all our workouts are filmed in a living room with minimal fitness equipment! Because truth is, that's all it takes to give your bod EVERYTHING it needs!

  • You’re NOT ready to become part of a fitness community that celebrates you from the very first day, NOT when you become an ‘after’ picture!

For the first time in my life, I no longer hate exercise - OR my wobbly bits! I feel the strongest and most in tune with my body I've ever felt and I can honestly say The Self Love Fitness Club has changed me!
- Caroline, trial member

inside you'll find...

self loving workouts!

  • an evergrowing bank of real time on demand workouts

  • workouts range from 10-45 minutes

  • includes cardio, strength, dance & stretch workout styles

  • filter by duration, type & body part so you can always find the exact session you need!

  • always include options to help you adapt precisely for your body

bonus resources!

  • Short ‘tips & tekkerz’ vids to help you get to grips with key exercises, nail your form & learn how to adapt or modify for your body

  • Downloadable affirmation wallpapers to keep positive self talk at the front of your mind

  • Daily ‘happy habits’ checklists & mindful check in journal prompts to support your holistic wellbeing

  • Ebooks, including gentle nutrition & body image to dive deeper into those topics to support your journey

kick starter challenge - queen in 15!

  • 15 days of 15 min set workouts & mindful check ins

  • Introduces you to key exercises & styles from the rest of the library

  • Helps you build sustainable wellbeing habits that you can carry through after the challenge

  • Guides you through building an intuitive & self-loving relationship with movement & your body

  • Revisit the challenge anytime you feel you need your routine needs a little kickstart!

& more..!

  • Monthly progress check ins that have NOTHING to do with the weight, shape or size of your body!

  • Contact with Marissa, your self love PT - share questions, wins & wobbles and receive personal support!

  • Our Self Love Fitness Community on Instagram, with interactive daily affirmations, motivation & accountability polls to help you feel like you’re going on this journey with a group of besties!

all to help you on your journey to joyful movement...!

Diet culture’s rules & restrictions are harmful, but leaving that structure behind can feel scary and confusing - which is why we’re here to help you find the perfect balance between structure & flow for a wellbeing routine that promotes health, happiness and actually LIVING your life!

Here's what your journey will look like (with wobbles along the way, that we'll be here to support you with OBV!)

deciding to ditch diet culture

...but probs feeling unsure of how to approach exercise without a rigid routine or aesthetic goals (this may be where you are now!)

The energy & playlists are amazing & brighten each day! The way I see myself, as well as general happiness & productivity has improved more than I can tell you... I genuinely feel this is life changing!
- Claire, trial member

start your journey as a member for £15 per month!


I’m here to be your cheerleader, your coach & your bestie all in one!


I believe hugely in creating a healthy & loving relationship with your bod so that you can take care of it to the best of your ability & that’s exactly what I’ll help you do as we squat, sweat & shimmy together in our feel good workout sessions!


I also believe in YOU, and I cannot wait to move with you soon!


i'm marissa,
your pt & bff!

shall we freakin do this?

Got questions my love?! Click the lil chat box & let me know what your query is! x