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*do not skip!!!*

prep to prosper!

watch the 1 minute vid & complete the all important prep steps to get you set up and ready to GLOW through your new journey!

1. THE check in

2. the plan!!

Using the check in to inform your plan, grab your diary/phone calendar & block out some time this week to move your bod.

- be realistic & aim LOW!! habits are built by small consistent actions, so if you can, aim for little & often over infrequent hour long sessions!

- once the time commitment is blocked out, you can be intuitive on the day as to what actual work out you do! you can either use our filter system to figure out exactly what you need OR you can follow one of our programmes to take some of that decision making away!

3. the PLEDGE!!

Commit now to one thing - being compassionate with yourself if the plan doesn't quite pull off!!!

Guilt is a HUGE motivation killer, so when things go awol - which they will sometimes - remember:

- you are here to LIVE, and life doesn't always follow to the plan!

- you have another opportunity to try again tomorrow - you don't need to wait for a new week , month or year!

- this journey is LIFELONG and there's no wagon you can fall off! we're aiming to show up for ourselves, the best we can each day. every day is going to look completely different and being ok with that is how we build the flexibility to stay consistent

WAHEYYYY! you're all set gorj! Click next to be taken on a full tour of the home studio so you can get to know it & really make the most out of it!

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