I'm Marissa, the founder, creator and one woman army behind mpwrldn!

This whole idea has been a LONG time coming...

After training as a professional dancer & actress, I shimmied my way into the fitness world 4 years ago, initially as a side hustle to pay the bills.


Obviously, as a dancer, I've always been passionate about moving my body, but the fitness world overwhelmed me with its rules and stigmas around how to move, when to move, why to move and WHO can move. The elitist, extreme approach that seemed to be intimidating far more people than it inspired quickly became a sticking point for me that I desperately wanted to combat!

Hence the idea of MPWR was born! An inclusive, accessible, FUN & FRIENDLY approach to fitness and wellbeing with the sole aim to make as many people feel good as possible!

I'm so glad you're here and I can't wait to welcome you into the gang!


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Hey lovely people!